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Recordings of Kovanda's Czech Band

We have cassette tapes, compact discs, and video tapes of Kovanda's Czech Band for sale. If you are interested in obtaining these recordings please contact our treasurer directly. The prices shown are valid when ordering from us.

You can download or view our catalog of recordings with order form in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The catalog contains prices and detailed contents of each recording.

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Steve Kutra
335 Hill Street
Sealy, Texas 77474
Telephone: (979) 885-7144
E-mail: Treasurer@KovandasCzechBand.org

Some notes on the recordings.

KCB-100 - Live Broadcast, December 8, 1984
       This cassette tape includes the first recorded music by the original Kovanda's Czech Band. In contrast to today's larger band, this was a seven-piece band. The recording is dedicated to the memory of the late Wilbur Heinsohn who plays Sousaphone on this tape, and to the memory of the late James Kosar who recorded the live radio broadcast from which we selected these songs.
KCB-101 through KCB-105 - Produced by Leland Miller
       These cassette tapes were produced over several years in studio recording sessions. Leland Miller, the manager of the band at the time, produced these sessions. While our sound has grown since they were produced, they remain some of our favorite music.
JCP014 and JCP015
The two newest compilations, JCP014 and JCP015, were remastered by Joe Cerveny Productions from the studio sessions of our KCB series of cassette tapes. You can obtain them either from us or from Joe. Joe also has CDs and Cassettes of other fine bands available and will send you a catalog on request to:
      Joe Cerveny Productions
      7143 Plum Dale Road
      LaVista, NE 68128
CP series
Some of the recordings, including the video recordings, were produced by Czech Polka & Waltz Video-Tape Production Company of Nebraska. These have numbers beginning with CP in the table.

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