Upcoming appearances by Kovanda's Czech Band.
white space filler to align columns2020 COVID-19 / Coronavirus update (as of September 2, 2020)

This has been a year of great change for most people, and great sadness for all too many. Many events were cancelled, and we are still advised to avoid large public gatherings. As we write this update, some venues are again hosting live music, but others still are not. You can find information about such opportunities at polkabeat.com.

The virus is still spreading, and vaccines are not yet here. Many of you, our friends, are in higher-risk groups, as are many of our musicians. One of our musicians and his wife are recovering from COVID-19 now.

We hope all of you, and all of us, will be well and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

The USA Center for Disease Control has a web site of information and guidance that will be updated as the situation develops. You can access it here: